Appenzellers excel in most anything you ask them to do! From the obedience ring, to flyball, agility and tracking. No job is too big for an eager Appenzeller.

      Hektor has grown from a wee puppy in a backpack to a handsome teenager with lots of things to keep him busy.

      At 14, Astro is still keen to get out and play agility, as long as we don't have to drive far! He can still capture a ribbon or two!    

      Life doesn't get any better for these two with lots of places to walk and play!

      At two, Hektor is now a young adult and ready to compete in agility. We have a busy spring and summer planned with a variety of events to keep us busy. We will continue our agility training, Rally and I have recently introduced him to herding and RallyFRee. His recent appearance in the conformation ring over the winter garnered him his National and International Championships, Best in Show Rare Breed, Honours Championship and Best in Show Gold Cup Bronze. He seems to enjoy being in the show ring!

      He has recently obtained normal hip and elbow clearances from the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) which are necessary prior to breeding. Hektor's clearances can be found in the OFA database.

We are planning to breed our Havana Brown male, Hektor, in 2017.
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